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Moose Mountain Tours Engelheim

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105 Carson Rd.      Emerald Park, SK      S4L 0E5

Wanuskewin Heritage Park & ​​Western Development Museum 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Interpretive Centre

  The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is an archeological site that chronicles 6,400 years of history of the Great Plains of North America.

   "Indigenous nations from across the Great Plains recognize the significance of Wanuskewin as a sacred location. This is a gathering place. We come here for ceremonies, to understand our history and to connect with our ancestors," said Wanuskewin board member Candace Wasacase-Lafferty in a news release.

  "Being named to Canada's Tentative List for World Heritage Sites reaffirms the importance of this place and the need to protect it for future generations."

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Wanuskewin Interpretive Centre

1910's Boom Town Western Development Museum

Western Development Museum

   The Western Development Museum had its beginnings in the mid-1940's. At that time, people across Saskatchewan became concerned that the settlers' farm machinery was fast disappearing. In 1945, the Saskatchewan Government charged the Minister of Natural Resources and Industrial Development with collecting early Historic items. 

   With the opening of the Museum at its present site in 1972, they were able to store and display many items. You will be able to walk down 1910's Boom Town where you will be able to visit 30 buildings with all of their artifacts on display. Also visit the many galleries that display, Airplanes, Cars, Boats, and many more.

Smiley's Buffet Restaurant

   Come and enjoy the taste of fresh, homemade Canadian, Ukrainian and Asian Cuisine! Over 50 items to choose from. We will be having dinner at Smiley's Restaurant in Saskatoon. They will be serving the food cafeteria style. 

   The Hot Buffet always includes a large selection of items to satisfy many tastes including Roast Beef, Ribs, Turkey, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese items to name a few! 

Smileys Buffet

Buffet Spread... mmmm

Saskatoon Boom Town

Boom Town

Tour Includes:

  • Motor Coach Transportation 
  • Admission to Wanuskewin
  • Admission to the West Development Museum 
  • Buffet Dinner at Smiley's Restaurant

$94.00 per person

Covid-19 protocols in place at the Museum's and on the Bus

To book please call (306) 566-9300  toll free (877) 844-8687

or email - [email protected]

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